How can you stay fit and healthy after 30

How can you stay fit and healthy after 30, Diet and workout tips to stay fit in your 30

How can you stay fit and healthy after 30

The age of 30 years is a time of change in the life of a human being, after which changes in body and health take place and accordingly we move forward. Those who should be included in the lifestyle after the age of 30. Let’s know about those changes

Avoid these things in food

In childhood, we eat anything and do not pay much attention to it, but after this age we should stop eating something. If we do not control our food and drink at this age, then we will have to bear the brunt of it at an older age. After the age of 30, salt , sugar and refined flour etc. should be reduced in the food. If you salt will use less Diet , will will use less sugar and less use of flour so many diseases will not touching. For this you include more fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in your diet. 

Caffeine and fried things make them different

After the age of 30, everyone should stop drinking caffeinated drinks. Caffeine causes skin damage. Caffeine drinks make our sleep quality useless. Due to this, many people have less sleep time. Closing things with increasing age also include fried things. As the age increases, so does the body’s degeneration system. After this age, activeness also starts to decrease in people, so it is not easy to digest more fried or junk foods. Due to this, it starts showing its effect on the hair, skin and many parts of the body.

How can you stay fit and healthy after 30, Diet and workout tips to stay fit in your 30

Salt , sugar and maida etc. should be reduced drastically.
Drinking caffeine drinks should be stopped.
After this age you should stop increasing your weight.
Learn to manage stress to reduce stress 

Get up early in the morning

Well one should always get up early in the morning, because it has many benefits. If you have included this habit in your lifestyle from the age of 30, then you will get great benefits going forward. Waking up early in the morning provides a pure atmosphere, fresh atmosphere and fresh air. Because of this you feel stress-free throughout the day and the first ray of sun in the morning refreshes. By getting up early in the morning, you will be able to start your work early. this. If you have included this habit in lifestyle before age, then you will get full life help.   

Foreign language courses in demand, which gives you many career opportunities.

Foreign language courses are in demand, which gives you many career opportunities।

There are foreign language courses in demand, which gives you many career opportunities. Also know about GATE exam

In today’s era, the foreign language course is in great demand, you can decide the time of doing these courses according to you. Also, after doing these courses, not only as a translator, but also a great career can be made in the teacher.

These are courses

Degree, certificate and diploma and advanced diploma courses in foreign language can be done. Eligibility for these is intermediate or equivalent.

Course duration: The duration of the certificate is 6 months to one year, diploma 1-2 years and 3 years for graduation and 2 years for PG.

Job profile

Teacher: Teaching can be a great job option if you have a career in forage language. For this, one has to qualify NET with PhD. Many institutes offer courses in foreign languages, where you can earn well as a teacher. If you want, you can also adopt teaching as a part-time profession.


 With the advent of technology like teleconferencing and videoconferencing, now people or people sitting in any corner of the world can have a meeting or conference. For this, the help of foreign language experts is taken, who work as an interpreter. To become an interpreter, you must have knowledge of two or more languages. In addition to good knowledge of languages, verbal communication skills and etiquettes should also be good.


Many companies need translators to communicate with their business partners or clients. You can work as a regular, full time or part time translator. Many agencies hire foreign language experts as translators. Translation can be for books, articles, film scripts etc. A good translator is also required to know about the subject related to the languages, only then can the original language expressions be retained in the new language as well.


Skilled professionals of foreign language have been a major reason for the rapid growth of BPO industry in India. These people are proving their ability well from data processing to other jobs.

Foreign Services: Masters in French, German or Russian languages ​​can join IAS or IFS by appearing in the Union Public Service Commission examination.

Where will you get the opportunity

In addition to international organizations such as World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations Organization (UNO), World Bank (UNICEF) in airlines. Apart from this, one can make a career in tourism, hotel, international media house (print, radio, TV) as a news translator or as a reporter.

Major companies of the country like HP, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, GE, Aventis, etc. employ foreign language experts. Employment opportunities exist for foreign language specialists in the travel and tourism sector, hotel industry, exhibitions and fairs, airline offices, export agencies, radio stations, trade organizations.


Translator can get 150 to 300 rupees per page. Also, you can get Rs 300 to 500 per page for popular foreign languages ​​such as German and French languages ​​and Rs 750 per page for Japanese and Arabic languages. If you talk about the field of teaching, then salary ranging from Rs 20000 to Rs 600000 can be found. A good interpreter can earn up to Rs 8000 per hour.

These institutes offer courses

Lucknow University, Lucknow

Course: Certificate and Diploma Program

The English and Foreign Language University, Lucknow

Course: Graduation, PG, Diploma

Aligarh University, Aligarh, Alliances Franchise, New Delhi

Course: Degree and Diploma Program

Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

Course: Diploma Program

Punjab University, Patiala

Course: Diploma and Certificate Program

If you want to give the exam of GATE, then know this

If you want to give the exam of GATE, then know this

The GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam is a computer-based test that is conducted at the national level. On the basis of this, one gets admission in post graduate engineering and science subjects.

A keto diet will reduce weight but kidney can suffer heavy damage

A keto diet will reduce weight  but kidney can suffer heavy damage

A keto diet will reduce weight but kidney can suffer heavy damage

Increasingly being used for weight loss keto diet, can be life – threatening. Kito dite has been found to be the cause of the death of Bangal actress Mishti Mukherjee. Nutritionists say that under no circumstances should you take a kito diet, it is fatal. this diet increases the amount of protein in the body so that the kidneys are not able to filter to the best of their ability,causing kindney failure from 80 to 90 persent, as well as bad effects on the heart and other organs, due to which may know Nutritionists point out that the keto diet’sfull name ketogrnic. It started with therapy. Especially given to children suffering from epilepsy, so that their recovery is better . 

In this diet, carbohydrates are completely stopped and high protein and high fat food is eaten. That is, there is a deficiency of carbohydrates in the body and the amount of protein and fat increases. The disease caused by Keto Diet is called Keto Acidosis.

Dietician said that Keto diet is completely harmful, this diet should not be taken even for a day. Even if someone has lost weight through this diet , then he comes back later. The body is made for a balanced diet. Just as fasting for a day or two is not a problem , but if you fast continuously , then it becomes harmful. Similarly, the proteins in the body took a day more is not so much trouble , but 10 to 12 days in a row only is it dangerous to take high-protein diet. This increases the extra pressure on the kidney , which causes the risk of kidney failure.

Increases uric acid 

The doctor says that this diet fat loss claims falsely, this increases the body discomfort. Protein levels in the body are very high in this diet. Due to which uric acid increases, the creatine level starts increasing and urea also increases. In simple words, the kidneys are unable to do their work due to increase in the amount of protein inside the body. Kidney’s job is to filter , but if too much protein is formed, it is unable to filter, due to which the toxic substances start increasing, which causes extra pressure on the kidney and the kidneys are stalled. In such a case, kidney failure of 80 to 90 percent people fails.

Increasing protein intake deteriorates balance

The doctor said that when the kidney fails, it reaches toxic blood and then reaches all the organ and spoil it too. The doctor said that the demand for this diet from Western countries has increased . Keto is in the market from flour to oil and it costs four times more. Protein works in a way to repair inside the body , but when there is no balanced diet then how will it repair. The doctor said that a woman should take 40 to 50 grams of protein throughout the day and a man should take 50 to 60 grams of protein. But in a keto diet, it takes 150 to 200 grams daily. 5 to 10 for a common man Gram fat or oil should be taken , it takes 50 to 60 grams, due to which the balance of the body deteriorates so much that it can prove to be fatal.

A keto diet will reduce weight but kidney can suffer heavy damage

What is keto diet