Know the important things if you want to travel in the metro

Know the important things if you want to travel in the metro

Know the important things if you want to travel in the metro

If you are planning to travel by metro today, then there will be a lot of change here, it will be necessary to follow the new rules. That’s why we have brought a step by step guide for you how to travel in the metro from today

Before leaving home

No metro station of the Yellow Line is under the purview of the Content Zone. Therefore all stations on this line will remain open. . To control congestion, DMRC has decided that only one or two gates at metro stations will be opened for commuters. Travel can be done only through smart card.

The metro will no longer be able to travel with tokens. In such a situation, if someone does not have a smart card, then he must first go to the customer care center of the metro station and buy a new smart card.

After leaving home

Feeder bus service of the metro will remain closed for now. The parking lot will be open for all the stations of Yellow Line at all metro stations.

As the metro operation is yet to begin on other lines except Gurgaon’s Rapdi Metro, passengers at other interchange stations of the Yellow Line, except Sikanderpur, will not have the facility to interchange passengers on other lines.

Passengers will be able to interchange for rapid meto by landing at Sikanderpur station.

Before entering the station

Entry will not be available in the metro without applying a mask, so in every situation there should be a mask from home. . The status of the Arogya Setu app will also be checked on all people’s phones. So download the Arogya Setu app on your phone and update your status on it if you have already done so.

At the station entry

Sanitizer facility will be provided. Security personnel will check the passengers from far away without touching them.

There will also be a system to sanitize the goods of the passengers at the metro stations.

Passengers have been specially requested to carry at least luggage and minimum items of mantle.

Checking of luggage of passengers will be done through baggage scanner as before, but if any metal baggage is kept in it, it may have to be removed.

Before entry in metro station

Thermal scanning of all passengers will be done. If your body temperature is found to be higher than the limit, you will not get entry in the station.

After entry in station

No more than two or three people will be allowed in the lift at one time. To operate the alift, it does not have to be touched, DMRC has started the facility to operate the lift by pressing the button with feet in 50 lifts of 16 metro stations. Metro staff or civil defense volunteers will also be stationed at all major stations to control passengers. About 1000 people are being employed in this work.

At the time of entry in the metro train

The marking on the floor has been done to ensure social distancing among passengers near the Metro’s AFC Gate.

The stoppage time of trains at metro stations has been increased from 10 to 20 seconds.

According to information received from DMRC, a total of 57 trains will run on the first day, which will put 462 trips. During this time, trains will run in different parts of the corridor at frequencies ranging from 2 minutes 44 seconds to 5 minutes-28 seconds. In view of this, travelers are advised to reach their destination on time at least. Take half an hour of extra time.

While traveling in the metro

You may be thrown out of the station for not intentionally removing masks or following social distancing in the metro premises. Also a penalty can be imposed by cutting the challan.

If excessive crowds gathered at a metro station, the entry can also be stopped for some time. It is also being said that in such a situation, metro trains will not be stopped at the station where there will be more congestion.

To maintain social distancing inside the metro, stickers have been placed on the seats, so that the passengers sit one by one. You do not have to sit on the seats where the stickers will be installed.

After getting off the metro, you will have to exit the designated exit gate.

Some important things are also unknown

Initially, the Metro is being run only according to the convenience of the people going to the office. Therefore, the Metro will run only on the Yellow Line from 7 am to 11 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening. Train operation will remain closed for the rest of the day.

Although DMRC has also allowed the opening of kiosks and shops etc. at metro stations, these shops or shops may not open at all stations on the Yellow Line on the first day. In such a situation, if you are thinking of eating and drinking at the station itself, do not be confident that you will get something there.

Ladies coach in the metro will remain as reserve as before, but keeping in mind the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs – it has been appealed to children, elderly and pregnant women to avoid traveling in the metro, it would be good.


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