If you are also interested in space, make a career in space science

If you are also interested in space, make a career in space science

First of all, know that it is called space science in Hindi. In this, knowledge related to the movement of the atmosphere, planets, stars, solar system and earth is obtained. Much research is done on them, so that the public can get accurate and accurate information. In this, the universe is closely studied. Many of today’s youth are taking interest in this field and are also doing good jobs in ISRO and NASA. You can also do this.

If you want to roam in the sky, then you can make a good career in space science. Yes, this is not an impossible task. Today there are many youngsters who want to know astronomy closely. Along with this information, they are also looking for employment opportunities in it. It is also known by some people as Astronomy. There are many similarities between these two fields.

India is currently preparing for Chandrayaan-3. Indian Space Agency ISRO has made a quantum leap in space through Chandrayaan-2, Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan-1 earlier. If you are also interested in space and want to pursue a career in space science, then we are telling you how you can touch the heights in this sector.


To make a career in the space science sector, you must have Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects in 12th or graduation. Many universities offer graduate, post graduate, PhD in Space Science. At the same time, you can also do research by taking space science in many institutions. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) offers its MSc, BSc, ME and PhD qualified students. At the same time, by taking a degree in space research, you can directly make a career in it.

This way you will be able to take admission

If you want to pursue a career in Theoretical Astronomy or Observation, then it is good to do BSc (Physics or Mathematics) after 12th.

After BSc, one can pursue a masters level course in astronomy with specialization in Theory of Astronomy.

On the other hand, if you want to pursue a career in instrumentation or experimental astronomy, then BE in Electrical, Electronics or Electrical Communications is necessary after 12th.

To do PhD in Astronomy, one has to pass Joint Entrance Screening Test (ZEST) after BE.

Space science is divided into four areas
1. Stronomy and Astrophysics
2. Parametry Atmosphere and Aeronomy
3. Earth Science
4. Solar System Studies.

 Astronomy and – Astrophysics gives information about the principles related to solar, such as solar flare, their relation to magnetic field, etc.

That’s why become space scientist

At present, India is moving fast in space. At the same time, China is also exploring its possibilities in space. After developing the microsatellites of China and Canada, India will have to devise better technology to cope with the growing possibilities of space wars. This space technology will become a guarantee of safety in the future.

Opportunities will be made here

Jobs are almost guaranteed for youth pursuing degrees in astronomy. Degree holders of this subject can not only get jobs as government services, private jobs, teaching, research and space scientists, but can also write a history of success.

Professional approaches to astronomy can create a variety of jobs based on observational instruments construction as well as data analysis and computer expertise. They can also find jobs in commercial and noncommercial research, development and testing laboratory, observatories, constellations and science parks etc. There is a lot of job opportunity in teaching and research as well.

Some non-profit organizations have the opportunity to create astronomical instruments themselves, as well as work in astronomy projects.

ISRO and NASA also wait for the best scientists

Indian Space Agency NASA and US Space Agency NASA are always waiting for the best space scientists. There are a large number of Indian Space Scientists in NAS at this time. There is tremendous job potential in research work in institutes like ISRO and NASA. In ISRO you can get an appointment as a mathematician, IT professional, biologist. One can get a chance to work in places like HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and NAL, DRDO. Not only this, there has always been a demand for teachers teaching Stupus Science in colleges and research institutes.

Along with government job, there is also a chance to roam around the country and abroad

If you are fond of traveling, then you will get plenty of opportunities to visit the country and abroad, because visiting different places on the day of seminar and conference events is what happens. After the completion of research work, the employment opportunities increase more. Astronomers are employed in many government institutions. Here you are placed in the post of various scientific grades, where you get other benefits besides attractive salary.


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