What precautions should be taken while preparing the decoction

What precautions should be taken while preparing the decoction

What precautions should be taken while preparing the decoction

People are currently working to strengthen the immune system in different ways to avoid corona infection. Some are taking vitamin C and some are drinking decoction. There are many people who are resorting to videos lying on social media or YouTube to make decoction and other Ayurvedic things. But taking the recipe from social media is costing many people. Many people are getting sick due to lack of brewing. Many such cases are coming to the doctors. Some of them are having skin problems and some are complaining of acidity and throat irritation. Experts say that excessive intake of cinnamon and black pepper can cause ulcers and stomach pain. Therefore, whenever you make a decoction, it is very important to have its proportions correct.

Brewing is a fairly easy task, but some precautions are necessary. Keep the amount of ginger or ginger in it, add cloves and black pepper as well. The correct amount is shown below. If the decoction is made in milk, its effect is not very hot. If there is any problem with drinking the decoction, then you can take the advice of a physician. The Ministry of AYUSH of the Central Government has a Corona Helpline in every state. You can also find out the right way to make brew by calling there.

Please note these things before calling

Please tell Vaidya about age, weight, even if he does not ask. . If there is any kind of problem, whether it is a common illness or related to lifestyle, do let them know. How to make the decoction, how much to take, how long to take? You must ask this. If you are allergic to anything, also tell Vaidya. – Tell me what is the problem with the decoction you used to drink till now.

Brew for a person

Ingredients to make sweet decoction

Water 60 to 70 mL (1 cup)

Milk 60 to 70 mL (1 cup)

Basil leaves 3, cloves 1, pepper 1

Cinnamon: Take a pinch of powdered sugar or sugar as per taste, if there is diabetes then take it on the advice of a physician.

If taking cloves, cinnamon and black pepper, do not take liquorice or reduce it too much. If you want to take liquor in place of these three, then at least talk to a physician. The decoction should be prepared according to the troubles and needs of each person.

Trouble drinking too much brew

Acne on the face and back of youngsters Stomach irritation and acidity Fatigue in some people Loss of appetite Loss of weight

What precautions should be taken while preparing the decoction

Who don’t drink

Stomach ulcer (The body extracts more digestive juices to digest the decoction; this increases the problem of ulcers.)

Kidney problems are blood piles (due to excessive spices in such patients blood can be removed more)

Children under 5 years of age (usually they do not digest such spices in the decoction.)

What is the expert saying

Ayurvedic doctor told that nowadays people are drinking and drinking decoction by looking through the internet and social media, which is not good for health. Actually, turmeric, ginger, pepper and cinnamon definitely increase immunity but when it is overdose it is not good for health. Therefore, it is very important to have the right proportions in the decoction of spices and it is not right to do this work by watching the video. You should consult an expert.

Various types of use are also causing harm

The Ayurvedic Physician Doctor said that during the Corona period people are experimenting with different methods to make decoction. Because of which its different side effects are also happening. He told that it is very important to know the right method of making 100 grams of decoction. He says that for this you need 12 grams Ashwagandha, 12 grams Mulethi, 14 grams Vasa Patra, 15 grams Giloy, 15 grams Saunth, 5 grams Black Pepper, 3 grams Peepal, 5 grams Cinnamon, 2 grams Cloves, 5 grams Turmeric and 5 Gram basil leaf should be taken. After this all these should be cut properly. Then it has to be boiled in four cups of water. If half is left, take half a cup of it twice.

Note: If you feel too hot in the body even after drinking less decoction, then vitamin B -complex test should be done once. If deficiency of this vitamin comes out then supplement can be taken with the advice of the doctor. Take one capsule a day for 15 days. Then have to stop for 15 days to 1 month. After this test is to be done. If the report is correct then include fruits (papaya, guava, pomegranate etc.) and greens and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, gourd, spinach etc.) If the report is not correct, you can repeat it. If there is deficiency, then do the test again at an interval of 6 months. Consult a doctor for this.

Answer some important questions

Question ) :-  Which organs are affected more by taking different things present in decoction?

Ans ) :-  liquorice, cinnamon, cloves etc. affect the digestive system and liver in our body. Those who have trouble with BP should reduce the consumption of liquorice.

Question ) :-  What to do if trouble has started from drinking decoction?

Ans ) :-  did not drink decoction before, if after drinking for a few days, if there is gas problem or burning sensation in the stomach, then the decoction should be stopped immediately. Instead, taking one cup of milk 2 times a day is appropriate. Chyawanprash can also be taken with a spoon. If the problem still persists, then a glass of seasonal, pomegranate or pineapple juice should be taken. Taking cucumber in salad will also benefit. If anyone has kidney problems, a doctor should be consulted.

Question ) :-  Best time to get a decoction?

Ans ) :-  decoction can be drunk anytime. It is better to take 1A hour after eating. Decoction of the evening is also right.

Question ) :-  Can I also take brew, tea and nuts in a single day?

Ans ) :-  If taking decoction, tea should be stopped for a few days. Yes, some amount of nuts like roasted peanuts (5 to 10) or cashew nuts (1 to 2) or walnuts (1 to 2) can be taken. The reason for not taking all these together is that the decoction is also very hot. Tea  Too hot, nuts too hot and weather on it too hot. All these together produce a lot of heat inside the body. This can cause digestive problems. is. If it is difficult to leave tea, then take tea in the morning and then only brew in the evening.

Question ) :- How much turmeric in a cup of milk?

Ans ) :-  turmeric effect is hot, so these days take a pinch of ½ cup of milk and two pinches in a cup. If you take more than this, there will be more possibility of gas problems. Yes, you can take half to one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk during winter.

Question ) :- Taking turmeric with water is beneficial?

Ans ) :-  To take turmeric with water does not help much. Turmeric is soluble in oil or fat. Therefore, it is easily digested when taken with milk. Fat is already present in milk. While preparing the food, you have to take full advantage of the properties of turmeric, then when you add oil to the pan, then turmeric should be added along with chilli, onion etc. This allows the body to soak up turmeric properly.

Question ) :- Who does not have to take milk-turmeric?

Ans ) :- The people who have constipation. If they take A milk-turmeric, constipation will increase. At the same time, there are people who have trouble digesting milk.

Question ) :-  Does boiling basil leaves benefit from drinking?

Ans ) :- If you want to take full advantage of basil leaves, then break 3 to 4 leaves a day before. Then wash it thoroughly with water, cut small pieces of each leaf and put it in a glass of water at night. Sieve the leaves in the morning and drink water lukewarm. This will benefit Tulsi more, immunity will also increase. As far as basil extracts are available in the market, then things of the market should be avoided in the face of natural alternatives. If one wants to take 2 to 3 drops is enough.

Question) :- Should one drink hot water throughout the day for ‘immunity’ even in summer?

Ans) :- Nobody has a cold, cold, then a glass of lukewarm water throughout the day is enough to keep the stomach right. If someone has a cold and cough, he can drink a little more warm water than lukewarm. Drinking one to 2 glasses of hot water throughout the day is enough. Refrigerator water should be avoided. Normal water is better or potty water.


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