Cook or eat does your food nutritious ?

Cook or eat, is your food nutritious

Cook or eat is your food nutritious

Everyone is in a relaxed mood as the day goes on. Mother asked what to make breakfast today? Papa immediately told me that the weather is pleasant. Mummy also thought that everyone would eat pakoras with passion. Everyone’s mood will also be good and everyone will enjoy. She just got involved in making pakoras. Dumplings were eaten with spicy green chutney and chaat masala. The apps were satisfied, but the body received no energy. Just full, enjoyed and changed the taste of the tongue. Instead, if the vegetable chila of gram flour was eaten, the family would have got nutrition. On the other hand, Mummy is in trouble these days that the children and elder are all at home. She is feeding them homemade  food. She keeps everyone’s hunger calm, but their concern is about what to make and feed so that the members of the household continue to get all the nutrients and their nutrition does not become a problem.

Special nutrition in common kitchen

Balanced nutrition is not a difficult task in common households. Just a conscious thinking is needed. Nutritional elements can be easily incorporated into the kitchen everyday. One can be physically and mentally fit only through the food of his plate. It is not very difficult to maintain nutrition from home kitchens, says senior nutritionist. Even if the time is short, we can take balanced diet. If pulses and vegetables are not able to be prepared separately, vegetable khichdi is a good option. Fruits must be eaten along with it. Fruit chaat, raita, custard etc. can also be made. We have to take care of these things every day. If there is no diabetes or heart disease, then keep all dry fruits in a box and can eat a handful every day and if these are problems then eating almonds and walnuts would be right.

Right nutrition is the basis of immunity

Country and nutrition have a very deep relationship. We have a saying here, as anam and mannam, means our mental and intellectual development, as is the grain. Nutrition doesn’t just mean what you are eating? How much are you eating? How often are you eating? This means how many essential nutrients your body is getting. Anyway, in the Corona era, the basis of immunity, correct nutrition has emerged as a key element. These days, women have also made a lot of research on food plate and balanced diet. A resident in the neighborhood, Malvika, working in a multi-national company, says she is doing work from home. Family health and immunity are important. Every day I search a healthy dish and try to make it in the kitchen.

Nutrition and Happy Harmon

Do you know that nutrition is also the mantra of happiness. We have a happy hormone, which comes out of good nutrition. Suppose our kidney beans feel like eating rice and when we eat it, we get a lot of happiness and our mood gets better. When we have a bad mind, we can see what we are eating. Eating, stress, sleep, mood and nutrition values ​​are all interlinked. Nutritionists say, five points are needed for balanced nutrition. First grain, second pulses. These include Rajma, Chole etc. The third one is fat, it has a hidden fat and a visible fat. Visible fats have included things like ghee and butter, and hidden fats have many types of seeds and dry fruits. Fruits in fourth and vegetables in fifth. From them we get Vitamins and Minerals. Now we have to make a balanced plate to be fit and happy. It should have five points. Our platernine should contain foods. Nowadays people are eating homemade food only. There should also be a trick in this. Staying fit of the family depends on the thinking of women, like if you want to make a cake, then you can make a base of oats. If you want to make something sweet, you can use sweet fruits instead of sugar. You can also add dates and walnuts to it. It provides both nutrition and taste.

Gifts to the society

Women should be aware about nutrition and think of benefiting the whole society, it will be beneficial for the whole country. Some women have played a special role in society in view of increasing nutrition. Entrepreneur Padala Bhudevi, a rural tribal woman from Andhra Pradesh, has enhanced the nutrition of her tribal community by cultivating ragi. For this, she has also been awarded the Nari Shakti Award. She says, Ragi cultivation was decreasing in the village, which was decreasing nutrition and increasing diseases. Therefore some decided to grow ragi only. For this, many institutes like Krishi Vigyan Kendra and NABARD took cooperation. Cultivated it on the land provided by the government. Then thought that he would not sell this grain, would eat it himself.

If we process it, women will get work. So we learned how to make biscuits. Then Ragi’s biscuits started going to Anganwadi centers. Farming was organic and nutrition was immense. Then I thought that if there is more, I will sell it in the market. Later, children living in tribal hostels were also given biscuits and ragi malt made from it.

Whenever you cook or eat, keep in mind how much nutrition is there in the plate? The better the nutrition of your family, the more active you will be. Everything served in the plate affects our metabolism. Nutrition of this plate is in your hands. Is it not that there is enough food in the plate, but nothing in the name of nutrition. Is the plate really empty in terms of nutrition…

Cook or eat, is your food nutritious

Women’s diet

Women should eat breakfast full of protein.

Take sprouted grains with bread or oatmeal.

In the evening, you can eat green tea, juice, fruit and dry fruits

Seasonal fruits must be eaten, milk and dry fruits can also be taken.

Take lunch with carbs, protein and fat.

Dinner should be light. Take two breads, green vegetables and salad at dinner.

Drink a glass of milk before sleeping at night.

Cook or eat, is your food nutritious

Men’s diet

Get used to exercising and walking in the morning.

Eat sprouted grains, seasonal fruits or upma at breakfast.

Drink a glass of milk in the morning and eat three to four almonds with it

Small amounts of snacks, such as juice, fruit, in the evening. Eating green tea, dry fruits etc. keeps the energy level right.

 Eat carbs and protein rich food.

 Eat roti, lentils, vegetables, rice and salad at lunch. You can also take a cup of curd or buttermilk with it.

 Get into the habit of eating about two hours before bedtime. Eat less and light food at night. Do not eat rice. Eat only bread, vegetables and salads.

Cook or eat, is your food nutritious

Diet for children

Milk, curd, cheese and vegetables like spinach and broccoli should be included in the diet. They are rich in calcium.

Dark green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits are considered good sources of vitamins A and C.

Mushrooms, cheese, etc. provide vitamin D.

Diet for the elderly

They require more calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A and anti oxidants. Their diet should include lentils, fruits and vegetables as well as calcium-rich foods such as toad milk and green leafy vegetables to keep bones strong. Along with this, physical activity is also necessary. Avoid fried, salty and very chilly spicy foods.

Cook or eat, is your food nutritious

Be dangerous can be dangerous

Nutritionists say that many girls go hungry in the name of diet. This is extremely dangerous. It is necessary to avoid chocolate, coffee and cola altogether. Our bone mineral density starts decreasing after the age of thirty. In such a healthy routine becomes a necessity.

There should be plenty of nutrition in every meal

Dietician says that balanced nutrition gives the body energy for daily work. If there is deficiency of vitamins and minerals, then it can cause iron deficiency. This leads to tiredness. If you eat less carbs then you will not get energy. All the nutrients in our plate should be equal. It should contain vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fiber etc. It is in every meal. It is not that in one meal, we took a balanced diet and did not pay attention to it in the rest or just took a protein diet. Breakfast should never be skipped. It provides a lot of nutrition. It should also contain grains, such as cornflax, wheat porridge, oats, poha, upma, idli etc. Sprouts and cheese can be taken for protein. You can take gram flour, lentil cheela together with milk or buttermilk, then breakfast will be balanced. There should be lentils, rice or chapattis, vegetables, cheese, salads etc. in the day and dinner. It is better to take yogurt during the day. Lack of time in today’s life causes loss of nutrition. If you can make paneer gravy, you can bake it and eat it with salt, pepper. Quitting food to lose weight is not right.

Take high calories and high protein

Dietician says that it is important for young people to eat high calorie and high protein food so that they can develop properly. By pediatric standards, boys need about 2,800 calories per day, while girls need 2,200 calories per day. Carbohydrates are used as fuel, which is important for youth. It comes from carbohydrates such as roti, pasta and brown rice. White bread and sugar-rich foods should be limited. Other sources of protein may include milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, etc.


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