How to stay healthy when working from home, change your lifestyle

How to stay healthy when working from home, change your lifestyle

How to stay healthy when working from home, change your lifestyle

Because of Corona, offices adopted the work from home system. Workplaces and children’s online schools are also run with laptops, tabs and mobiles. No one knows how long this round will last. But now, backache, neck or shoulder pain and eye problems have started increasing. The figures of increasing stress, anxiety and depression are also continuously coming. In such a way, while doing’ work from home’, how can you keep your body and mind fit, let’s talk about it 

Before the lockdown, we used to joke that doing work from home would be fun because we would all sit in our house and work on our own, but it was our fantasy. The fact is that most people did not even know how to work from home and no one had even thought about doing such work for a long time. Meanwhile, the financial and mental pressure born from the Corona era has also affected the body. At the same time, while working from home, we have made many mistakes which are putting a lot on health. Working from home, people chose the wrong way to sit, took the wrong food and made the wrong routine. The lifestyle deteriorated so much that the mind also started getting upset. It is also true that the longer we stay in stress, Our muscles will be equally tight and they will have more wear and tear. This reduces immunity. But lifestyle is easy to improve. If we still pay attention to some special things, then we can manage our health, functioning and time very well. 

Problems such as diabetes, obesity, high BP and arthritis have increased during the Corona period. Many people are struggling with neck, shoulder, waist and knee pain. These pains are usually from the wrong posture because people do not sit in the office posture. At the same time , weight gain is uncontrollable, then bone diseases have increased. In such a situation, keep the weight under control and if there is no deficiency of Vitamin-D, there will be no problem of pain in the legs.

For the last few months, people have been locked up in homes, so there is a deficiency of Vitamin – D. Vitamin D is not available even if sunlight is filtered through glass. Vitamin-D is made in the body only when the glass windows are opened or they come out and sit in the sun.

These are the points you have to note

  • If the body moves and the mind remains stable then it will remain healthy 
  • Every 40 minutes during the work Must take a break, you sounded the alarm for it . 
  • Do subtle activities of yoga to avoid pain of hands and feet
  • Screen time is to be reduced , look back every 15 minutes
  • 20-20 Formula computer is 20 inches away, have to blink 20 times in 1 minute
  • Brisk Walk in the 4 km, 4 go in minutes, in week 4 Lets day.

How to stay healthy when working from home, change your lifestyle

Problem and treatment of body pain

  • Working for 10-12 hours daily by removing the neck or tilting slightly, bending the waist and hanging the shoulders forward or shoving it has increased bone related problems. Even if we work loosely, there is wrong pressure on the spine. 
  • Swelling comes when you keep your feet hanging for 4 – 5 hours. Walking less does this. Those above 55 years of age have a blood clot on standing or hanging their legs for 8 – 10 hours. 
  • The laptop was made to work in traveling. Not for 8 hours of work every day.
  • Work is going on at work from home. If children are studying on mobile, tab etc, then there is a problem of posture.
  • Cannot keep mobile or tab at a distance of two and a half feet. It is also difficult to keep them at the I level. In this case, the neck is bent. For maintenance of bones and joints, it is necessary to use them. 
  • For 6 to 8 hours, those typing in the hands and wrist joints get injury. These are small joints of our body. 
  • Excessive use of muscles leads to malfunction under pressure. This happens if you sit in a posture for 2 – 3 hours.
  • If you keep your knees bent for a long time, then you get jammed , this happens even when watching a 1.5 or 2 hour movie in a cinema hall. In such a situation, the fluid of the knee decreases.
  • Poor posture for 8-10 hours can cause psiatica pain. This is also done by bending forward or bending weight. This pain can go in the veins from the lower part of the waist ie from the hip to the foot. 
  • In some people, a small hump comes out under the back bone of the neck, that is, the place seems to be bloated, it is now visible in children also because of posture wrong. This can be corrected by correcting the posture. 
  • There is also no ergonomic set-up for work at home. It was specially designed to work in the office for many hours.
  • There is furniture. Those who have a disc problem also have increased pain.
  • Good food provides fluids to the body. The weight on the cartridges of the joints keeps coming and going, but they remain strong, but weakened by more weight.  

Keep these things in mind

  • Regular lifestyle, sleep and waking time should always be kept same.
  • Take calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamins. For this , add cashew, kiwi, pumpkin seeds, milk, eggs, spinach, carrots etc. to your diet.
  • Jump towing if you have children or are 30 – 35 years old. If you are above 40 years, avoid jumping rope. Usually, when the hair starts to turn white, the bones also start to weaken.
  • Pay attention to the movement of all your joints. This causes fluid circulation. If there is less time for exercise, then buy a vat that is tied like a dhungroo in the legs and walk for 2 to 3 minutes by tying it on the legs or arms . These range from 500 grams to 1.5 kg. They strengthen muscles.
  • Walk brisk for couples’ well being. Running puts more weight on the knees.
  • Exercise bicycles can also be kept at home. If there is pain in the knees, then drive the bicycle in such a way that you do not have to push , the seat stays high, the knee does not turn. 
  • If there is pain in the knees, it is advisable to avoid long distance driving or for a long journey of 8 – 10  hours.

How to stay healthy when working from home, change your lifestyle

These 3 exercises will always keep you fit

1. Flexibility exercise (stretching)

Muscles that get tight due to living in a posture have to be stretched. If the neck has moved forward, then it has to be held back and pulled back to move it. If the body is bent forward, keep both hands at the waist and look towards the ceiling. If the muscles of the hip and thighs are tight, then lying on the stomach and turning the curves, then you will be able to hold the eddy, this will stretch the thighs. You can touch your feet by sitting on the ground. Each exercise has to be held for 20-30 seconds. This exercise has to be done 2 times only.

2. Strengthing Exercise

For this, bands of 10 – 20 grams come. They are available in many colors. Their color is decided according to the stain. These bands can be replaced by dumbbells of 4 – 5 kg. These are called thera bands. Information about their use will be found on the Internet. This will lead to stunting exercise of muscles. Actually they are elastic bands. Also lunge (stand one leg forward, bend the knee and move the other leg backwards . Now the weight will be on the front knee. Then repeat the same action with the next leg .) Or stand on the toes for 30 seconds. Do this at least 10 times. Rest for muscle recovery on the second day of workout. Repeat the whole exercise again on the third day.

3. Aerobics 

Aerobics also includes swimming, cycling , bricks walk, jogging and walking on a trade mill. It is a medicine for all lifestyle diseases. This should be done continuously for 30 minutes. After aerobics, the body should feel that something has been done, but it should not even breathe. It can be a formula that is 4 km, 4 go in minutes, in week 4 Lets day. Jumping at the Bells – In European countries, all the children get up and jump when the bell is over. We can also do this. Stand up from the chair whenever the children’s online class is over. Jump, twist the waist,  Walk and can sit back by stretching. Elders can also do this.


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