What is the biggest cause of liver problems

The biggest cause of liver problems

What is the biggest cause of liver problems

Nature has made the heart and liver one in our body. The rest of the kidneys, lungs, eyes etc. are given two parts. In such a situation, care of liver along with heart is also very important. We often remember the heart but forget the liver. What can you do to keep the liver right? Talking to experts and giving information

Many people also get addicted to alcohol. Many times, the person does not mind doing any work. If this happens to any person, then understand that along with all his problems, his liver is also under threat. The important thing is that these are also the reasons for liver failure. The liver does not tell all our fools and miscreants until it is spoiled by 70 to 80 percent. So we also do not pay attention to him until he stands up his hands. Sometimes it is late. Therefore, do not consider liver ie liver as your best friend and do not ignore it.

People who are addicted to alcohol cannot live without drinking alcohol, such people are always looking for excuses to drink alcohol. Such people talk about taking away their gum by resorting to alcohol, but the presence of alcohol in the body is dangerous for the liver. The truth is that when we consume alcohol continuously, it also digests the liver. Liver also stores the fat made from alcohol. It is bad fat or you can say that there is poison. This causes swelling in the liver. In addition, fatty liver problems are also greatly increased. After this, the type of problem is very much similar to hepatitis, so it is called alcoholic hepatitis. By the way, no one should consume alcohol or drugs. Still people are not able to leave it. In such a situation, it should be kept in mind that if a person does not have the problem of sugar, BP, obesity etc. and the doctor does not strictly forbid him to drink alcohol, then he can take this amount of alcohol in a week

Do not consume more than 120 ml for men and 60 ml for women in a week. Also keep in mind that the quantity of alcohol mentioned should be taken at least 3 days a week. Taking it together poses great risk to the liver.

 Obesity is very dangerous

Obesity is very dangerous for many other diseases, but it is more in case of liver. It is not that liver does not like fat at all. Liver likes fat at only 5% of its weight. If the amount of fat goes above this, then problem arises. As it increases, liver problems will also increase. If he is addicted to alcohol or has a bad dietary habit, then it can happen even to a lean person. It is also important to understand that fatty liver does not occur only in obese people.

Sugar and BP

The sugar problem is linked to pancreas, because that is what makes insulin. But if sugar affects some organs too much, liver is one of them. If anyone has sugar, he must also take care of liver. LFT test must be done every six months, as well as in contact with a doctor. At the same time, it is also important to keep BP under control. Keep taking BP medicines at the right time. The truth is that if sugar and BP are not kept under control, then the problem of fatty liver becomes common to such people.

Liver infection

It also has a significant role in increasing liver problems. Hepatitis virus has 5 strains: A, B, C, D and E. These cause liver irritation and infection. Sometimes hepatitis causes fibrosis in the liver. Liver fibrosis test is done to detect this problem.

Damage to the liver also includes wrong eating.

Improper eating is also involved in causing liver damage. Alcohol is a big reason for liver damage, but there are also no less cases when a person did not take drugs, yet he has liver problems. First fatty liver occurred. Also, if you do not take care of food, after 15 to 20 years, more than 70 percent of the liver becomes bad and it turns into liver cirrhosis. The return of the liver from here becomes very difficult.

                  We cannot have a better friend than liver. He does many things in the body, he does not say anything even when disturbed. Therefore it is very important to take care of his needs.

If there is a problem of sugar, BP etc. in one’s family, then he should undergo a test once every 6 months.

There are several tests to see if the liver is functioning properly.


It is also called liver function test. This is the most common test to check liver function. By doing this test, let’s see what the condition of fatty liver is.

Serum albumin

When the level of albumin, a protein made from the liver, starts decreasing in the blood, then this test only shows whether the liver is functioning properly or not.

Liver fibrosis

This test is also called the Golden Test of Liver. It is based on ultrasound technology. This gives complete information about the damage done to the liver.


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