Follow these healthy lifestyle and stay healthy .

Follow these healthy lifestyle and stay healthy  .

these healthy lifestyle and stay healthy

Ayurveda can be helpful in maint aining a healthy lifestyle . The catering and routine according to the season is called Ritucharya in Ayurveda . In this his , the three doshas (vata) , pitta ( fire ) and phlegm of the body are balanced in different seasons . If there is an imbalance , then the person falls ill . therefore , it is necessary to change the food and drink according to the season . This change is necessary from the child to the elderly . 

and exercise should be regular

you eat anything, eat any good nutritious food, if you do not do regular
exercise, walk or yogasana etc. then the body will not be able to digest it
completely. So at least 5 to 45 days a day, do 45 to 60 minutes brisk walk or
exercise, on average, 250 minutes a week is enough. If you can do more than
that, it is even better.

is better in the morning, otherwise whenever you get leisure, just keep in mind
that there is a difference of at least one to one and a half hours between
eating and exercise.

The enzymes and hormones present in the body
are very active through exercise. 10,000 steps must be taken in a day. Walk
brisk for couples’ well being. Running puts more weight on the knees.

Immunity is increased by
doing Anulom-Antonyms and Surya Namaskars every day for 15 minutes to 30
minutes. If the time for exercise is short, buy a vat tied like a dhungroo in
the legs and walk for 2 to 3 minutes by tying it on the legs or arms. These can
range from 500 grams to 1.5 kg. They strengthen muscles.

Exercise bicycles can be kept at home. If there is pain in the knees, then cycle so that you do not have to push yourself.

3 exercises will keep you fit always
Flexibility Exercise (Stretching)

Muscles that get tight due to living in a posture have to be stretched . If the neck has moved
forward , then it has to held back to move it If the body is bent forward , keep both hands
at the waist and look toward the ceiling . If the muscles of the hip and thight are tight , then
you will bend your knees by lying on your stomach , then you will be able to hold the eddy ,
this will stretch the thight . You can touch your feet by sitting on the ground . Each exercise
has to be held for 20-30 secound . This exercise has to be done 2 times .

2. Strengthing

For this, bands of
10-20 grams come. They are available in many colors. Their color is determined
according to the strength. These bands can be replaced by dumbbells of 4-5 kg.
These are called thera bands. Information about their use will be found on the
Internet. This will strengthen the muscle strength exercise.
Actually they are
elastic bands. Also do the jizz (bend the knee with one leg forward and take
the other leg backwards. Now the weight will be on the front knee. Then repeat
the same action with the other leg.) Or stand on the toes for 30 seconds. Do
this at least 10 times. Rest for muscle recovery on the second day of workout.
Repeat the whole exercise again on the third day.

3 Aerobics

Aerobics also includes swimming, cycling,
bricks walk, jogging and walking on a trade mill. It is a medicine for all
lifestyle diseases. This should be done continuously for 30 minutes. After
aerobics, the body should feel that something is done. It can be a formula to
walk 4 kilometers, 40 minutes, 4 days a week.

Follow these healthy lifestyle and stay healthy

Perfect diet

Detox the body in one of these ways

Normal water

Lemon-water (1 glass of normal or half
a lemon in lukewarm water), without salt, without sugar

Lemon-water and jaggery-salt (half a
lemon in 1 glass of normal or lukewarm water, 5 to 10 grams of jaggery and a
pinch of salt).

Mix half a lemon and 1 inch of ginger
in a glass (lukewarm) water, finely or by extracting its juice.

At night fill water in a glass jug and
cut small pieces of lemon in it. In this way water becomes alkaline. Fill it in
a liter bottle in the morning and drink it throughout the day.

Combination of water and turmeric is
excellent for detoxing the body. First boil a glass of water, then add 1
teaspoon of turmeric (powder) or 5 to 10 grams of finely chopped turmeric and
boil it for 1 to 2 minutes. Then filter and drink lukewarm. It is very helpful
in detoxing the body. Similarly, you can prepare a drink of cinnamon powder.

How much should you drink in a day

2.5 liters of water i.e. 8 to 10 glasses of water is sufficient during the day. Keep in mind here that it also includes things like juice, buttermilk. Take any drink as much as you want. Do not forcefully drink anything, no water.

Take special care of your special organs

1. To avoid heart disease, do cardio exercises
at least half an hour daily. This includes fast walks, jogging, cycling,
swimming, aerobics, dance etc.

 2. Walk
the brisk 45 minutes 5 days a week, ie, walk 5-6 km in 45 minutes. During this
time, the heart beat should reach the peak. Some apps like Instant Heart Rate
app, Argus, Cardio Buddy etc. with the help of which you can monitor your heart

3. Avoid smoking: Avoid smoking. If someone
smokes 10 cigarettes around you, the loss of one cigarette is also yours.

4. Eat only what is healthy for the heart. It
is better to eat fruit chaat, puffed rice, gram etc. instead of samosa-kachori.

5. Should not be overweight
at any cost.


1. Try to minimize the impact of negative
events happening around you. Where appropriate, express your anger or

2. Decide the work-life balance according to
your need. Also, take care of your social responsibilities. Be socially active.

3. Keep a fund of three C’s.
Remember: C = Confidence should be confident of what you can do, C = Courage
means dare to accept what is impossible, and C = Comfort means comforting both
the first things. Material to adopt

If these three things happen, then you will
be able to give your best.

Keep Brain Active: Include reading or crossword solving in the routine. Learn
new things like driving, new language, typing etc.


1. Drink a glass of lukewarm water in the
morning and at least 2 liters of lukewarm or normal clear water during the day.

2. Drink green tea. According to research, it
reduces fat deposits in the liver and improves liver functioning.

3. Do not drink alcohol.

4. Do not self-medicate (taking medicines by
yourself without asking a doctor). Over consumption of medicines like liver
paracetamol, painkillers is bad.

5. Turmeric, lemon, amla,
flax seeds also improve liver functioning. Keeping the juice fast on any one
day for 7 or 15 days will benefit the liver.


1. An easy way to identify whether you are
breathing properly or not. Now you just breathe and see if your stomach is
going in or out.

2. Sit up straight with the waist down. Then
place your hands on the stomach. Along with breathing and exhaling the stomach
will also go in and out.

3. Unless the right way of
breathing is known or if it is not noticed, then the stomach of most people
comes in and exhales while breathing.

4. It is caused by stress. In
this case, the chest is tight and the diaphragm tightens and goes up. This
causes the stomach to go out. This is the wrong method. This puts pressure on
the langs and the heart.


1. Follow 20-20 formula for eye fitness. There
is a distance of 20 inches between the computer screen and the eyes and blink
the eyes at least 20 times in a minute.

2. Look away from the screen every half an
hour and look for something far away. Wake up for 5 minutes after every hour. .

3. Take more liquid diet in
the diet. Drink plenty of water, milk, etc. Take vitamin-A items. Take carrots,
green greens, fruits and vegetables.

Perform subtle actions as well

Rotate the eyes circularly, look down 8 to 10 times, look at the nose and then on the navels.
Close and open the ey
es frequently.


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