Many ways to identify honey

Many ways to identify honey

Many ways to identify honey

Nowadays honey is very much discussed. CSE (Center for Science and Environment) has accused several companies of adulteration in honey. For this, CSE has also conducted a test from a lab in Germany. Experts know about the identification and production of honey….

The best season to prepare honey for bees is winter. Therefore honey is produced more.

This is how you can investigate

The real test of honey is done in the lab, but there are many domestic methods. By the way, these methods are also being questioned.

1 color and thickness

The true honey is identified as its color. Generally, the color of honey depends on which flowers the bees have collected from the pollen they have prepared. Since most honey is prepared from mustard flowers, it is light yellow. It is light brown when prepared with berries. When honey bees pollinate with berries and neem flowers, the honey has a higher consistency. When pollinated by mustard flowers, it becomes slightly thinner.

2 .. then the fly will fly

If a bee or fly is dropped into honey, the honey will not stick in their wings. Even after soaking with honey, their wings do not stick together, they easily fly away.

3 Honey freezing in  winters

Many people believe that real honey does not freeze even in winter whereas in fact honey can freeze in winter and starts to look like a crystal. Yes, it is definitely that if honey is not adulterated then it will be melted by the slight sunlight.

4 clothes do not stain

Another great way to identify pure honey is to put some honey on a cloth. Then wipe it off. If honey is real, it does not stick on clothes. But if adulterated hatches will definitely be seen as a stain on the clothes.

5 dog does not eat honey

Doggie not only helps in identifying the thief, finding landmines, but can also find out whether the honey is real or not. When honey is real Doggy does not eat it, but if it is mixed with sugar, then lick it.

6  it will not be lime

It gets warm when rubbed with lime whereas this will not usually happen with adulterated honey.

7 mark on paper

Put it on paper to check for pure honey. If there is a mark under the paper, then understand that honey is not pure because putting pure honey on the paper does not mark it.

8 water will tell the truth

Take a glass of normal water and add one drop or half a teaspoon of honey to it. If honey is real, it will not dissolve in water, but will sit directly under a glass.

9 Do ordeal

If the real honey is wrapped in a cotton wick and it is burnt, it burns. If you put that cotton wick in a lamp, it will light up like an oil lamp.

Many ways to identify honey

From fruit color to honey

Very little honey is produced between April and July as the pollen pollen falls quickly due to rain. Since most fruits also bloom in winter, this is the reason why honey growers nowadays are looking at those forests or areas where there is more scope to get flowers. These days, mustard flowers are getting more, so these people go camping in this season with boxes to keep bees. They organize their camp near mustard fields and extract honey from bee boxes every other day. The special thing is that they never break the honeycomb to extract honey. This is called the non-violent (non-violent) way. The reason for this is that if these hives are broken for honey, every time bees have to make a new hive and it will take time. This reduces the production of honey.

Among the bees that are reared for commercial production, these are special

1. Apis dorsata (Rock B)
2. Apis laboriosa (found in and around the Himalayas)
3. Apis florea (small size honey bee)
4. Apis mellifera (Honey bee of Europe or Italy species)
5. Tetragonula iridipennis (stinged)

Flowers, bees and we also benefit in this

These bees and insects have an important role in the process of flowering from fruit to fruit in many plants. Actually, there are many plants in which the male flower and female flower grow on different branches or in different plants. In such a situation, it is necessary that the pollen of male flower reaches female flower. Now since flowers or plants cannot move from place to place, bees and insects are needed. It can be called the great setting of nature. When these insects sit on the male flowers to extract the juice from the flowers, the pollen sticks to the feet of these insects. Then when these insects sit on top of the female flowers also for the juice, then the pollinating female flowers are found on their feet. The action of pollination (a sort of fertilization) is complete. Only after this, fruits are produced. Examples from mustard to mango are similar. If these pests are not there, then no pollination is possible. If there is no pollination, then the entire generation of plants will end. It is also important to understand that flowers have different colors, khasshab to attract these pests and bees so that pollen can complete the process. At the same time, insects get juice during this time so that their eggs and nourish them and we get honey.

Naturally also apply honeycomb

It is not that honey is produced only by beekeeping. Honey is extracted in large quantities even when bees plant a hive without our help. Thousands of people in our country still extract and sell honey in the same way.

Honey is rich in vitamins

If pure then in one spoon of honey (20 to 22 grams)Calories: 65, sugar (including fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose all), 17 grams, vitamin-B6, B-2, vitamin-C, etc. are also found in some quantity.

Honey is like nectar

Honey is called nectar in Ayurveda. It is used in the preparation of many types of medicines. Honey is also used in religious rituals. Apart from these, it is also very useful.

Immunity strong

Since nowadays, due to corona, immunity is discussed a lot. In such a situation, eating honey can be a good option. It also reduces inflammation occurring within the body.

How much  : – You can eat every day in the morning or afternoon with just a small piece of honey or ginger.

Whiten the skin   :-  If you eat one spoon of honey at any time every day, it will give a glow to the skin. It is also applied on the skin, taking care that there are no bees or ants around. You can also take it with water.

How much   :-  taking 2 to 3 teaspoons every day with water

Designation  :-  It is also used to heal the digestive system. Actually, honey makes the stomach and intestines soft. This makes digestion easier.

How much   :-  One to two teaspoons of honey every morning after breakfast

Anti-bacterial  :-   Honey is given in common and dry cough, cold, runny nose etc.

How much   :-   half teaspoon ginger or basil leaves juice and half teaspoon honey

Lose weight: Taking a spoon of honey with a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach daily in the morning reduces weight. It breaks down fat.

Note :-  If you have diabetes, take honey only after asking your doctor.


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