How to prepare for studying abroad

How to prepare for studying abroad

Important things for you if you are preparing to study abroad

Most of the students have a desire to go abroad and study, but many times they are not able to fulfill their dream due to lack of information or money. We are telling you about some such tips, by adopting which you can fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

You have to plan for studying abroad well in advance. By doing this you will not have to face any problem later. It is important that you start this planning from class 9 itself, so that you can get enough time for planning and you do not get into financial trouble.

Right mentor required.

Many times small mistakes are made during the process of going abroad for studies. To avoid these mistakes, the right mentor is needed. We can get very important information by talking to students studying in foreign universities on social media or by attending counseling sessions elsewhere.

Before choosing the course.

While studying abroad, students are very confused about the selection of the course. Students who have information of their choice, they do not know which course is being taught in which university. However, by taking the help of internet in today’s era, you will not face much problem in this regard. So try to gather complete information in this regard beforehand.

country selection

In which country you want to study, also select it in advance. Actually, the rules of stay and visa etc. are different while studying in every country. Usually these rules are also quite complicated. so get to know them on time and it is important to understand properly. In such a situation, according to the course, university and budget, you should decide in which country you want to go to study and later how to determine the future path. Studying abroad is very expensive when it comes to scholarships. In such a situation, different types of scholarship programs can help you financially. Along with this, banks also provide the facility of educational or personal loans. However, prepare for this in advance.

Keep these things in mind –

Before deciding to study abroad, ask yourself which course will you do there from which university?

You have to know every little and big information related to admission. Also, you have to know how different the admission process abroad is from India.

Before taking admission in any university abroad, check all your necessary documents and keep them with you.

The amount of time you spend looking for a good university abroad, the same amount of time you spend looking for a good room there. This will reduce the cost of living.

So have to give test

For admission abroad, students have to give standardized international test. Most of the top colleges will have to give GRE test to study in business, law and other MS program courses.

These 4 office mistakes can make you sick, leave immediately

We spend a lot of our time in the office. If we get sick, it may be that our office routine is also responsible for this. Knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves also get sick in the office. Know how small mistakes in the office affect your health

1. Understanding Desk as Canteen Table

Often in the office during lunch time, where we got the space, considering it as the canteen, we start having lunch. Most of the employees choose their desk for this. In such a situation, many times the food falls there. Even after cleaning the food, some of its particles are left there. Due to this ants or insects start coming on the desk. Many types of bacteria make their home in such a place and we are at increased risk of infection. Therefore, avoid eating food at the office desk.

2. Keeping food items in the drawer

Often we keep some food items with us. Many of us leave the house in a hurry, so we keep food items with us as a snack. If there are some food items left, they put them in the door. In the end it happens whether you eat that thing or not, but all night the rats, ants and cockroaches are enjoying that food. Even if you do not pay attention by mistake and eat those things, you can fall ill. , In such a situation, always keep food items in an air tight jar.

3. Using Colleagues

You make many friends as you go to the office. In such a situation, you also share some items with them when needed, but you forget that it is not right to use every item. If there is a fellow in your office, then have sympathy with him, but do not eat food in his food plate. This will keep you away from infection.

4. Not caring about the health of others

Often we take care of ourselves in the illness of others, but when we ourselves fall ill, we start going to the office. Whenever you fall ill, first of all give yourself rest, not keep going to the office. Due to this there will be no risk of infection to others.


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