How to make a career in Broadcast Engineering

How to make a career in Broadcast Engineering

How to make a career in Broadcast Engineering

Just as the number of OTT platforms is increasing, the demand for broadcast engineers is increasing in the same number. Know, what is broadcast engineering and what are the future prospects in it.

Broadcast is playing a major role in entertainment, education, communication and information acquisition. Broadcasting is the medium with the help of which audio and video content is transmitted through electromagnetic radiation to satellite and from there this content reaches radio, television and mobile. With this, we are able to sit at home and watch videos on TV or smartphone comfortably. This requires a variety of equipment, including cameras, microphones, switchers, editing systems, storage systems, and specialized technical facilities in studio rooms and transmitter rooms. This whole process is called broadcasting technology and the people working in it are called broadcast engineers. In this, various equipment are operated and regulated to keep the sound range, sound clarity, color impact and signal strength at the proper level during the broadcasting of various programs in various audio-visuals, radio and TV.

This should be education.

So you must have passed 12th class with math’s and physics subjects. After this you can do degree, diploma and certificate level courses in broadcast engineering. To take admission in this engineering course, students have to have any other state level entrance. You also have to pass the exam. Engineering

After graduation, you can specialize in broadcast engineering in post graduation or start your career by joining any broadcast institute. In recent years many educational institutions have also started conducting Post Graduate Diploma and Certificate level courses.

These skills are necessary if you want to make a career in broadcast engineering, then you should have good knowledge in the areas of mathematics, physics and electronics etc. They should know the operation of computers and networks etc. in broadcasting stations. The broadcast engineer or technologist should be familiar with various technologies ranging from modern digital broadcasting to traditional broadcasting depending on the requirements of different stations.

Broadcast Engineer job.

The work of broadcast engineers or technicians in this field is related to the correct operation of broadcasting technologies of radio and television stations act like a chain, whose mechanism of action starts at the studio and ends at the transmitter.

Broadcast technicians maintain the correct operation of broadcast signals with the help of sound and video equipment. Apart from this, broadcast engineers also perform the task of maintaining other quality of broadcasts.

Career Options 

The way the scope of the TV and entertainment industry is expanding, there is no shortage of work for those doing broadcast engineering. The demand for Broadcast Engineers in the broadcast media industry is increasing continuously due to the digitization of broadcasting, new technologies of new media (especially OTT) such as IPTV and mobile TV. In this, you can work in TV and radio stations, channels, podcasts etc.


Very attractive salary package is offered in broadcast engineering. Those who come after completing the course initially get 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month. At the same time, after a few years of experience, their salary can range from 50 thousand to lakh rupees.


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