How to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, lizards

How to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, lizards

While the rain that comes after summer brings some relaxation, in this season flies, mosquitoes along with insects and moths also increase. When insects and moths increase, lizards also increase. Most of the trouble starts in the evening and at night as soon as the lights are on. Due to the light of the light, these insects and moths enter the house and keep hovering around the bulb in flocks. There are many such insects and moths, whose bites not only start itching but also cause rashes. Apart from this, they also fall in eating at night. There are many insects that smell bad.

Get rid of these ways

If there is no fine mesh on the windows and doors, then close them in the evening. This will prevent insects, mosquitoes, lizards and other insects from entering the house.

If insect moths hovering near the light have come in the house, then turn off all the lights of the house and turn on the outside. Almost all the insects that come into the house will go out.

Keep cleanliness in the house. Sometimes insects also come due to the dirt in the house. Therefore, wipe the floor with water mixed with phenyl.

If there is a garden in the house, sprinkle insecticide (neem oil spray) on them every month so that the insects die. Do not allow water to collect anywhere.

Maintain your home’s drainage system. Do not fill water from anywhere. Mosquitoes will not be able to breed because of this. Dranax can be applied once a month.

Keep dustbins covered in the house. Keep spraying DDT on litter and waterlogged areas. If you are using the cooler by adding water to it, then change its water daily so that mosquitoes cannot breed in it.

Chalk is also found in the market by the name Lakshman Rekha. Even with its use, ants and cockroaches do not come into the house.

How good are home remedies

Some home remedies are also done to drive away mosquitoes, flies and lizards. Like keeping peacock feathers in the house does not allow lizards etc. etc. We cannot make any kind of claim about whether these remedies are completely correct or not. You can try and see them.

For Lizards: Used several sprays available in the market. The lizard did not run away and kept coming again and again. It is said that the lizard escapes even with the spray of cold water, but the lizard did not go. Took this solution too. The lizard kept coming.

For ants: It is said that if you spray red chili powder mixed with water on ants, they run away. We did the same. There was no effect on the ants.

Pest control can also be done to drive away all other types of insects, lizards, including mosquitoes from the house. Many types of chemicals are used to control pests. Once pest control is done, it gets rid of them for about 3 months. Pest control can be done again after 3 months. However, sometimes the timing also depends on the area and the floor on which you live. – If you live in an area where there is a lot of dirt or – there is a drain nearby, then you may have to do pest control every month or every two months. Similarly, if you live on the ground floor, then there are more insects and moths including mosquitoes. In such a situation, the people living on the ground floor may also have to get pest control done frequently. On the other hand, if a person lives on a floor of 9-10 or more in the society, then he can also get pest control done after every 3 – or 4 months.

Mosquitoes will come again.

The greatest effect of pest control is on crawling or walking insects. Its effect on mosquitoes and other flying moths is very less. Mosquitoes and other moths start coming again after about 1 month of pest control. However, termites, ants and other types of walking or crawling insects are killed or run away for 3-4 months.

How effective are herbal sprays?

You must have often heard that herbal pest control should be used. Herbal sprays and other things are used in these. They do not have an odor compared to ordinary pest control, but their effect is late and lasts for a short time because chemicals are mixed in them in very less quantity. While their use does not kill termites, cockroaches and other insects and moths immediately, it may take 4 to 6 days or more for them to die. With simple chemical spray, other insects and moths, including lizards, stay away for about 3 months, then herbal spray can be done there. That the pest control has to be done again after 1 or 2 months. If a person talks about killing insects and moths immediately in the name of herbal pest control, then he is saying wrong. It may be that in the name of herbal pest control, he can control the paste with simple chemicals. By the way, such types of chemicals are also coming in the market that they also have little to no smell.

Change pest control after every second or third month

Always get pest control done from a certified company. Check the license of the pest control person. This license is issued by the Agriculture Department of the State Government. The license also carries the photograph of the person getting the license. The license is given to the one who has done B.Sc. in Agriculture / or B.Sc. I have chemistry. At least one year experience in a pesticide related company after graduation. The person who is coming to pest control can see the license as well as his certificate of graduation and training certificate. If you are getting pest control done every month or every second or third month, then do not use the same chemical that you did last time. Actually, the insects and moths of the house have become accustomed to that chemical. So get another chemical used every time. For the third or fourth time during pest control, the previous chemical can be repeated.

Do not stay at home during pest control

When the pest is under control, pregnant women, people with heart or respiratory diseases, children and pets should not stay in the house. When sprayed during pest control, some of the chemical present in it goes into the body through the breath. This can lead to problems like vomiting and headaches. Keep these things in mind during pest control: Keep food and drink, RO taps and outside filters covered. Do not keep children, respiratory patients, pets in the house at all. If an older person has to stay in the house, he should wear a NIOSH certified N95 mask (without valve). Covering the face with a cloth is not enough. After the paste control is complete, go home only after 10 to 12 hours. First go to a big dead body and open the windows and doors and run the fans so that the smell of the chemical goes out. Children and other people should be called only when the smell is gone.

Use these gadgets

There are many gadgets in the market to remove other types of insects including mosquitoes. Some of these are as follows:

Suction Trap This is a portable machine. Mosquitoes are attracted to it by the LED light emanating from it. As soon as the mosquitoes come near this machine, the mosquitoes are eliminated. Being portable, it can be easily carried anywhere. This machine runs on electricity. It can also be used by connecting to USB i.e. laptop or any other such device.

Can also be run by connecting to a gadget.

Insect Killer Racket/Bat – Mosquitoes and other flying insects can be killed with these rackets. There is a current in the net attached to them, as soon as they come in contact with the mosquito.

Or other flying insects die. – The current coming out of these rackets is very gets faster. So keep children away from it. If someone older uses it

If you do, be careful. Such rackets are also coming in the market these days.

Which can be kept at any one place. In these  LED light is on. Mosquitoes or other flying insects are attracted to LED like and die as soon as they come in contact with it.

Bug Zapper Machine – These are electrically operated devices. They are kept in a place where mosquitoes or other insects and mites come in large numbers. These have mesh on the outside and 1 or 2 tubes inside. The tube emits blue or pinkish ultraviolet (UV) rays to which mosquitoes or other insects and moths are attracted. There is a very high current in the mesh. , As soon as mosquitoes or other insects come in contact with this net, they die. When they die, there is a loud cracking sound.

Insect Killer Bulb – These bulbs are powered by electricity. There is a mesh in the upper part of these bulbs in which the current comes. Where there is a lattice, there is an LED light. With the bulb burning, the LED light also gets lit. The insects and moths coming in the light of the bulb are attracted towards the LED light in the bulb and die by hitting the current mesh there.

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