Shraddha is starting from September 2, this time at home I

Shraddha is starting from September 2, this time at home I

Shraddha is starting from September 2, this time at home 

Our ancient my stics tied the whole life cycle into 16 samskaras and taught us to perform all the rites according to the scriptures. All these rites of our life begin with conception and end with funeral deeds. It has been said in ancient scriptures that with the birth of every human being, he becomes equipped with three types of debts. 
Among these, the first loan is Dev loan , the second loan is Rishi loan and the third loan is Pitra loan. It is believed that a person who does not take off these three debts has to suffer. Dev loans can be removed from the worship of all gods. Sage debt can be lowered by propagating Vedas and scriptures. Our scriptures allow the third loan to be removed on the ancestral side. Pitru Paksha is an opportunity to pay respect and reverence to one’s fathers. Every year from the full moon of Bhadrapada to the Amavasya of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin i.e. a total of 16 days, all scriptural deeds of Pitru Paksha are done. This side is also called Mahalaya and in this aspect shraddh etc. are done for the ancestors. Water , sesame , rice ,Pitra is pleased by making barley and kush pinds, or simply shraddhaing them with an alternative method and providing food to Brahmins for their sake. It is their happiness that frees the father from debt. It is said in Skanda Purana , ‘ Yatradya Diyate Tatta Shraddham ‘ means that which is given with respect to fathers , it is called Shraddha. On this day, a Brahmin who performs shraadh ritual for fathers, should take food after shraadh etc. and receive dakshina according to his strength and receive blessings.Shraddha will start from Wednesday , can be done at home: Due to Corona epidemic, everyone is worried about how to do shraddh of your fathers ?
Therefore, we are telling you that if you are unable to get out due to corona or there is no Acharya available for Shraddha Karma then how can you do Shraadh etc. by staying at your home for the peace of the ancestors. This time Shraddh is starting from 2 September (Wednesday). However, there is confusion in some minds regarding the date. Know that Shraddha always starts on the full moon / Pratipada day of Ashwin month and ends on Amavasya. This time Purnima / Pratipada date is only on 2 September, then Shraddha will be considered to start from this date.
Pitrapaksha is going to start from 2 September , which will remain till 17 September. After 165 years, this time it is becoming a coincidence that the Sharadiya Navratri will not start after the end of Pitapaksha. At the same time, both leap year and adhimas are coming in 1 year. Navratri will begin after a gap of one month. Pitriksha and Navratri is the middle place. Usually Shardiy | Navratri begins after the end of Pitrupaksha . This time amazing yoga has been created , due to which – Navratri will start from October 17 . 
In Ashwin month, Adhimas will start from September 18 – October 16 . Navratri will start from 17 October , Dussehra on 26 October and Diwali on 14 November. After this , Chaturmas will end on 25th of November along with Devauthani Ekadashi. Adhimas is also called Malamas , because there is no Sankranti of the Sun in that month. Because of this, this month becomes muddy. The year of the Sun is of 365 days while the year of the Moon is considered to be of 354 days. There is an 11- day difference between the two years . This difference is about 1 every 3 years Equals mass. To overcome this difference , an additional lunar month comes every 3 years. Due to the excess, this is known as Adhimas.
Pitra descendants come home in 16 days of Shraddhapaksha . Hence the tarpan , pindadan for their satisfaction . Brahmin food and prayers are performed. This time Pitripaksh Full memorial day and a half 9 will start after noon that day at around 11 till noon. Therefore, the full moon shraadh can also be performed on 1 and 2 September.

Shraddha is starting from September 2, this time at home I

Shraddha will be done at home without a teacher

1. On the day of Shraddha, first get up and take bath etc. Sprinkle cow urine or Ganges water throughout the house and make the house pure.
2. The women of the house should remember their fathers and make them their favorite food. Make milk pudding.
3. Before 12 pm, sit facing the south direction .
4. barley hands , sesame , grass , rice and water facilities ranging resolution that I remember fathers am memorial service for their sake and food to reach them.
5. After this , take black sesame in a wide pot of copper or steel and then pour Ganga water and raw milk in the same vessel. Then take that milk in both hands and put it back in this vessel with the help of thumb of your straight hand .
6. Repeat the same action 11 times while remembering your fathers .
7. After this, take out five sacrifices i.e. five sacrifices for cow kheer i.e. cow , dog , crow , deity and ant.
8. Can also donate to invitees.


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