How To Experience True Happiness.

To Enter The Juice Of Ease Is To Experience True Happiness.

Being sincere and morally upright is not a hard-and-fast rule.

It all comes down to choosing the correct dimension for yourself and moving forward in accordance with your abilities and capabilities. The path of spontaneity and morality is the most magnificent if one wants to enjoy life with all of one’s heart and with all of one’s brilliance. The remaining are shortcuts to deception that serve selfishness but defile the soul to the point that it either cannot be improved, recovered, or made beautiful and must be entirely destroyed. Because we are simply human, our hearts are powerless in the glamour of the world, and this phantom of Panchatantra occasionally wants to dismiss this simple and honest route as futile. Believe me when I say that this simple route represents social honesty as well as being a part of human nature or any other attribute. By balancing your routine, you should keep working on this.

This method doesn’t initially provide advantages or enjoyment, but over time, its incredible energy becomes apparent. Everything becomes genuine when the body and mind start to experience happiness since there is nothing to prove. It takes on a life of its own when you are in front of people. This method doesn’t initially provide advantages or enjoyment, but over time, its incredible energy becomes apparent. Everything becomes genuine when the body and mind start to experience happiness since there is nothing to prove. It takes on a life of its own when you are in front of people. Being absorbed in reality can be achieved through simplicity. When a restless part of us starts pulling us toward jugaad , cunning, dishonesty, etc., we should consciously recognise that these are the only things driving our capricious mind at that moment.

Because we frequently learn about the world’s cunning and greed from our own imagination. When experiencing spontaneity, one instantly becomes aware of it. We are a part of nature, so this is also how nature is.

The night of dreams will come to you as well, and the sun of hope will shine brightly if you put your complicated, cunning thinking aside and feel your heartbeat like a stream tomorrow and tomorrow Only in simplicity, ease, and honesty is it possible to experience true joy and self-confidence because everything is filled with positive and multiplied there. Later, we try to define it or provide a synonym for it. We keep saying it because we can’t seem to get it properly. A great deal of luck can be attained with just one fortunate idea, deed, or day. You only need to comprehend it and put it into practise . If we are flamboyant, devoted, and think that fulfilling our responsibility is good luck rather than fate, then we will consistently encounter environments that are suited to our character. All that is required is for us to recognise in our conscience that nature has provided us with the finest possible outcome. Based on this realisation, relevant harm reasons are naturally generated with little need for further proof. as far as this concept will allow. Till then it should be followed..

The Lord Cannot Be Near Because Of Ignorance.

Sadhana’s clear and concise definition is “understanding one’s existence and bearing witness to it.” Sadhana is the practise of becoming aware of and experiencing the priceless breath that is coming, going, and remaining inside us at all times. The term “sadhana” is made up of two words. Sadhana is what we refer to as the “end” of our lives. Although it is quite close to us, we are still gazing outside for this finish. In Kasturi Kundal, according to Kabir Das ji, the deer hunt evolved into Mahi. Even with this knowledge, some individuals still do devotion, fasting, pilgrimages, and other rituals in the name of sadhna. At addition to studying religious texts, some people also find the path of spiritual practise in mosques, gurudwaras, and temples. It is believed that God is worshipped anywhere there is a copy of the Bhagwat Katha or the Akhand Ramayana. Why then must we wander from door to door if God is with us? The truth is that ignorance has cast a thick pall over our lives, and we desperately need the light of knowledge. Realizing God is a significant life experience. Considering that the goal of life is to bless our spirits. This priceless life is simply going away as we watch in disbelief, terror, and greed. Know Me from the Tattva, says Lord Shri Krishna, and continue to serve Me. Have you ever considered what God may be like? How can one continuously practise Sumiran? It is more important to constantly remember our Lord than to regularly recite the Sumiran rosary. The only way to do this is through meditation. Only when there is a witnessing awareness in every moment and breath can there be sincere dedication, love, and submission to God. It is stated that I shouldn’t recite the rosary aloud or use the Ram to pronounce the words. Godspeed and may I have rest! I don’t want to do anything, of course. God is praising me, and being blissful brings me serenity and contentment, therefore there is no need to do worship or chant the rosary or Ram-Ram. This is the scenario that we might refer to as sadhna, and it is this sadhna that the saints-great men in their different eras revealed to the people through Guru Gyan. We must follow in their footsteps in order to arrive at our destination because that is the right road to follow. The underlying message of all the scriptures is to continue working and taking care of your family while pursuing your spiritual practise. in the depths of grief. Living life while being beaten up is wrong. You must open your eyes in order to see the reality. Knowing and realising that God is already present inside us is the first step toward starting a genuine spiritual practise. Sadhana is a journey, and we must continue moving forward constantly throughout it. One must engage in spiritual practise in order to make life effective and meaningful while engaging in worldly pursuits and encountering a wide range of experiences. Sadhana is the best deed, and anyone can perform it, but knowledge and comprehension must come first. One should not be reluctant to ask a Sadhguru for assistance if necessary because knowledge cannot be obtained apart from a Guru.


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